My humble entry: ThinkTraffic Mentorship for a Year

I’ve heard it too many times, the “I would, but I can’t.”

I’ve built my entire career dedicated to permanently eradicating the “c” word.

I think it’s one of those things where if I can do it, so can you, and I’ve built my entire business on teaching my clients the “so can you” part.

I’ve always believed in investing in myself, in my ability to make small businesses come alive online.

Since starting my company, Jason Hobbs LLC, and creating the Small Business Enabler, I’ve steadily had the pleasure of watching that investment pay off.

I Learned It All from Gramps

Luckily, I was raised with the mentality that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it.

Smiling with Grandma and Gramps
Smiling with Grandma and Gramps

My Gramps, a fellow business owner, instilled this line of thinking in me, and it’s the reason why I’ve dedicated every ounce of myself to growing Jason Hobbs LLC.

Not only have I joined TeachingSells, attended BlueGlassX in Tampa, and have sought out Mike Blumenthal for one-to-one SEO training, but I’m truly implementing what I’ve learned to create a solution to the pressing dilemma felt by all small business owners: how to easily and affordably corner their market online.

Making Businesses Unique to the Web

With nearly ninety website design options, a simple user interface and an entire course that teaches small business owners how to reasonably invest their efforts into their online marketing goals, the Small Business Enabler makes customizable web design for small businesses a reality.

My focus is always on what makes my clients’ companies unique to the web, providing them with the tools to carve out their online business niche without the hassle of a large investment or having to rely on a second party to understand their vision. With the Small Business Enabler, the business owner is in the driver’s seat, taking their business exactly where they need it to go.

Building Relationships, Changing Lives

With your help, I could change the lives of countless small business owners who feel overwhelmed by online marketing or just don’t have the budget to watch their marketing goals come to fruition.

I’m serious about this venture, as in “I made my mother part owner of my company to pay for her retirement” serious.

No joke.

That is what this investment is all about for me: risking time, risking money, knowing that ultimately, I’ll be changing lives for the better.

Like Gramps always said, it’s all about attitude.

Here is where I am putting the course together:  (tell your friends :) )