My 2020 American Dream? Surviving The COVID-19 Pandemic

416 W. Cypress St Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Jason's Digital Marketing Lab
416 W. Cypress St Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Hi, I'm Jason Hobbs!
Travis Jason Hobbs

Hi, I’m Jason Hobbs.

An American sheltered-in-place, under the Georgia Governor’s order, at 416 W. Cypress St. Fitzgerald, GA 31750.

The American Dream of my youth? Earning an increasingly higher standard of living.

I never came close to a higher standard of living, but there are four highlights of which I’m proud:

  • March of 2005, moved to Fitzgerald thanks to my grandparents, Ken & Hazel Hobbs. I served as their primary caregiver until Gramps followed by Grandma passed six-weeks apart late in 2006.
  • May 15, 2008, incorporated Jason Hobbs, LLC as my sole source of income. Still is today.
  • May 8, 2010, completed my Bachelors of Marketing degree, with Honors, from Valdosta State University.
  • May 9, 2010, sequestered within my digital marketing lab, investing my waking hours learning the best way to help local business owners begin marketing their business online, with aplomb.

Now The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Spurring Random Attacks Of Panic

Because my continued survival requires my overnight transformation from absolute zero into a unicorn.

416 W. Cypress St Fitzgerald, GA 31750
416 W. Cypress St Fitzgerald, GA 31750

My odds for panic abatement ain’t good either, thanks to:

  • My entrenched clinical depression.
  • My ever increasing personal debt(s).
  • My seclusion (See Google Maps screenshot)
  • My lack of insurance during the COVID-19 Pandemic.1

Thus, I’m clinging to hope, but since Shea Serrano always says ‘shooters shoot’, I’m making the best offer I can make.

Because Business success boils down to relationships.

Getting Started Marketing A Local Business Online, Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Build your business relationships online, starting at your digital front-door. Keep it simple.

My mental model of successful long-term relationship is a combination of Ken & Hazel Hobbs and C.Q. & Ora Hutto. Both sets of my grandparents lived this long-term relationship model for more than five decades:

Ken & Hazel Hobbs holding court in their home of seven decades at 416 W. Cypress Street in Fitzgerald, Georgia (31750).

A Relationship Is A Mutual Connection

Relationships include the total history between the two parties, including the source and strength of their connection.

This mutually acknowledged connection can be comprised of one, all, or some unique mix of shared experiences, questions asked, answers given, sights, sounds, et al.

[Gramps] Ken & Hazel [Grandma] Hobbs

Married 60+ Years – 416 W. Cypress St. Fitzgerald, GA 31750

CQ & Ora Hutto of 301 W. Cypress St in Fitzgerald, Georgia (31750).

What Makes A Relationship Work?

Equal respect between the connected parties.

As a relationship ages, the parties become privy to increasingly intimate knowledge about the other and about the relationship.

Ora [Granny] & C.Q. [PaPa] Hutto

Married 50+ Years – 301 W. Cypress St. Fitzgerald, GA 31750

Online Availability Is Your Cornerstone For Building Digital Relationships

Engage online customers in the same manner that’s worked with your other customers. Greet customers as they enter your digital front door.

Focus first on quickly connecting each visitor with their visit purpose.

Then, remember that we all have two ears and one mouth, so listen to visitors twice as much as you speak.

My Simplest, Most Powerful Starting Point Based On Over A Decade Of Hands-On Experience

Version One Total Out-Of-Pocket ~$222.95

  1. Purchase your copy of the ($59.95) Genesis framework
  2. Purchase your copy of the ($75.00) Catalina Pro Genesis child theme from
  3. Purchase yourself a fancy new domain at
  4. Sign your business up for a $30.00/mo hosting account with
  5. Create your business a RightMessage account and save your card on file for a $29.00/mo plan
  6. Create your business a ConvertKit account and save your card on file for the ConvertKit $29.00/mo plan

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Max Hobbs, son of Lizzie & Baxter Hobbs
Max Hobbs, son of Lizzie & Baxter Hobbs
  1. And most important of all, I WANT PETS. I am dying for sufficient financial stability to start adopting cats and dogs. But I can’t adopt any animals until I can afford additional costs incurred by their care in addition to feeding myself. My first order of business when I am financially able is paying off the cremation charge-and claiming the ashes-for the last member of my pack. His name was Max Hobbs. And throughout his more than 3,650 days by my side, he only bit me once. And it was my left hand. I fed him with my right hand. So.

By Jason Hobbs

Since graduating, Cum Laude, with my Marketing Degree on May 8, 2010, I’ve invested my waking hours in my digital marketing lab, here at 416 W. Cypress St, Fitzgerald, GA 31750, personally helping local business owners take their business online with self-confidence.

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