Jason Hobbs, LLC home base. My Grandparent's home of 60yrs, with Gramps' Sign Shop on the right.

I need revenue!

You know I’m talking to YOU. We both know we COULD skirt the subject ad nauseum, which wastes both of our time. And who has time to waste?

Screenshot of popup housing Rainmaker Registration for a free membership

Can the registration pop up in Rainmaker Platform?

Can the registration be a pop up like in this example? Lori Barr asked this question of me, on the day directly following the Rainmaker Labs update to the Rainmaker Platform. As of today? Yes. BUT you’ll need the Pro version of Rainmaker Platform, which allows you to activate the Rainmaker Labs option. Which adds […]

Map of Jason Hobbs, LLC' customer experience to start

Start planning your content marketing strategy using mine as your guide.

Strategic Playbook, I’m in business for myself, which means I own my own business. This is a starting point and not a universal starting point This is NOT the perfect course of action for every person, in business for themselves, who happens across this article. This is ONE, of MANY possible, successful courses of action, […]