“John Saddington as Professional” – Photo via Mikaela

The world, especially the internet, rewards doers.

Transcript is still being worked on Jason: I really appreciate your time John, thank you! John: Yeah, absolutely. I apologize for it being so dark in here. Jason: Alright, lets just jump right into it so we can get ya out of here. We’re doing this on a late Monday but I’m gonna get my […]


My single best piece of Rainmaker Platform advice

Copyblogger Media formed to bring the needed talent together in 2010. Then following what felt like a lifetime to me, but was more like a little more than four years time, the Rainmaker Platform finally showed up. I’m currently over 460 days into using Rainmaker Platform. Get the actual total here. My very first look […]


Search experience optimization

You need something. You’re human. You go to Google.com and type in your question. You get your answer. Where does SEO begin and where does SEO end? Jerod Morris posed these very questions to his co-host, Demian Fahrnworth on episode 103 of the Lede. IF you don’t already know, the Lede is a podcast about Content […]