Treat your audience as a good shepherd treats his flock.

Content Strategy, power up your business through audience development.

You’re in business for yourself. Possibly in South Georgia, like me: (912) 381-6318, or anywhere else in the world. You have customers. Referrals mainly. Yet you still relate rather easily to the fears of fellow business owners. For instance: Ever worry over the safety of your businesses future? No. You’ll never be able to future-proof your business […]

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Update as of August 14, 2015

Started one customer today. With a second invoice sent. Focusing on two week sprint online. Organize, build, and grow your audience. 918 Podcast Downloads to date for Swappin’ Stories. I started tracking my traffic numbers over again as of July 18, 2015, here is a screenshot of the totals for my website from first […]


eCommerce with a Rainmaker Platform website is impossible, right?

My last post covered Showrunning. But you can’t do eCommerce with Rainmaker Platform, can you? Using Rainmaker Platform? No. Rainmaker will sell access superbly out of the box. There may be a shopping cart coming to the Rainmaker Platform but unless you work for Copyblogger Media’s, more than likely for the Rainmaker Platform team, you […]

The Showrunner Podcasting Course

Are you a Showrunner yet?

Audience is king Thats the name of the game these days. Doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the world, you’re still at other’s mercy until you build your audience. And it doesn’t need to be hundreds of thousands of raving fans either. You need passionate few hundred to really get […]


Why do I use Rainmaker Platform exclusively?

Why do I use Rainmaker Platform exclusively?

It’s the people.

And before you ask, no, I don’t know them personally.

I’ve followed most all of the team on Social for years and I’ve been their customer for years. And I recognize a great team and product when I see it often enough for a sustained amount of time.

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How I use Slack for my business

Email. Gotta love it. I grew up when email wasn’t even a consideration. I was a Restaurant General Manager over two high-volume locations of Taco Bell before email. Email took hold of business, then personal communication, and still hasn’t let go. Of which network effect plays a large role. As humans we communicate. We also […]

“John Saddington as Professional” – Photo via Mikaela

The world, especially the internet, rewards doers.

My conversation today is with a young man who is a twin, an adoptee, a father, husband, and suicide survivor. He has failed too many times for him to count; but he built his first functional piece of programming at age 11. He has two Graduate Degrees along with his Bachelors from the Georgia Institute […]


My single best piece of Rainmaker Platform advice

Copyblogger Media formed to bring the needed talent together in 2010. Then following what felt like a lifetime to me, but was more like a little more than four years time, the Rainmaker Platform finally showed up. I’m currently over 460 days into using Rainmaker Platform. Get the actual total here. My very first look […]