Discombobulated by Digital?

Hi, I'm Jason Hobbs. Since May 8, 2010, I’ve helped dozens, upon dozens, of business owners just like yourself, begin bending the web to their will by documenting their digital marketing strategy.
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  1. SWOT Chart V1
  2. Your Strategy Goal
  3. Customer POV
  4. Customer POV’s Pressing Problem

My Approach:

I discover and process information about the brand as well as it’s stakeholders.

I flesh out and iterate strategic insights on my brand specific SWOT chart.

I propose a strategy that accommodates the entirety of the brand’s unique context.

  1. Website V1

My Approach:

I start with the goal set for the strategy as part of step 1.

I lay out the site home page as the brand’s digital front door.

I keep the website free of distractions from the goal of the strategy.

  1. Documented Media Plan V1
  2. Media Creation Process V1
  3. Media Distribution Process V1
  4. Media Promotion Plan V1

My Approach:

I start with the brand owner along with the person designated as their lead media producer.

I focus on staying true to the brand voice while maintaining the sanity of the person leading media production.

I iterate the media plans and processes over time to recognize new lessons, learnings, and talents arising from consistent practice.

  1. Cogent Digital Offer V1
    1. Sales Landing Page
    2. Product in WooCommerce
    3. Success Page
    4. Follow Up Emails

  2. Customer Attention Lifecycle Plan V1
    1. Stranger
    2. Audience Member
    3. Qualified Prospect
    4. Customer

My Approach:

I start with the consumer, what offer will cause them to pay attention and move forward from there?

I try to anticipate when and how consumers will pay attention to the brand while they make their decision and then hope to justify their decision following purchase.

It’s not about talking anyone into anything. The idea is to give people an opportunity to buy something they want.

  1. Customer Conversation Plan V1
  2. Customer Feedback Loop V1

My Approach:

I approach each customer like a marriage rather than one-night stands. Customers seem to appreciate the difference.

In a marriage, mutual respect and open lines of communication built on trust are key. Same here in my unmarried opinion.

The customer feedback loop is preventative medicine for your brand’s reputation.

  1. Documented Campaign Procedures
    1. Get Attention V1
    2. Keep Attention V1
    3. Administrative V1

My Approach:

Each campaign has a single goal, budget, and timeframe. The goal must be concrete, so upon campaign completion there is total clarity about whether or not the campaign achieved its goal.

I like to iterate campaigns as well. The more times through a process, in this case, a digital marketing campaign, the more I’m able to “dial-in” the message for the unique audience.

I focus on listening to people and then remembering important stuff they tell me. (Two Ears, One Mouth)