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I’m Copyblogger Or, I’m on my way. Thanks to Copyblogger COO, Tony Clark, and C(Sumthin)O? Chris Garrett. The latest episode of The Mainframe is titled: Building Your Evergreen Sales Machine Their subhead? What is the difference between products that sell every day, and products that…

Relax, Read, Relate

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Soak in @jonnastor's turn as full on @PatFlynn fan-girl let your audience relate to you — Jason Hobbs, LLC (@jasonhobbsllc) April 8, 2015 Seems Pat Flynn is quite the people person. Easily relatable, intuitive, successful, conscientious, and I’ll quit before I fall into my…

5 Apps I can’t live without

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Because I’m hip (you can call me trendsetting), I shared this wisdom with my less than 700 devoted Twitter Minions. They live for this stuff. Anytime Mr. Hobbs, as they like to call me, wants to let loose with some more awesome. They’re all over…

Slack App

Give $100, Get $100

How do I do so much by myself? What makes me so certain I can “scale” the amount of customers I personally handle? Communication Is Key Check Out SlackApp for Yourself