Customer Feedback

Jason is great guy…I hired him to setup a funnel for our main company site and he was hands-on and focused. His suggestions were very valuable. He was also available to help after the project was over.

Highly recommend!

It really is like working with an incredible smart friend. I would defiantly recommend him and his work to anyone looking to develop their game plan for their online business…

He was cheerful, knowledgeable, and very patient with my questions. Jason pulled things together that would have taken me hours to do on my own! He made sure I understood how and why to set up my site in a certain way so that I could manage it myself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Jason again. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and knows his stuff.

Jason is described by many as a ‘passionate’ consultant who really cares about his clients. I have to agree that his solid background in marketing, graduating from the school of hard knocks and being pretty darned intelligent doesn’t hurt him. But mostly, I’m impressed with his personable style that is coupled with a demonstrated ability to render the complex simple and simple is . . . very, very good.

…As a busy professional, I simply do not have time to do what I was doing: digging through hours of online material and working with expensive resources to find out how to accomplish specific tasks that had become routine to me in Dreamweaver but were not so clear in “the new world.”

I received more value during two sessions with Jason, a total of 6.75 hours, than I got from the many months and literally thousands of dollars I invested in self-study, online tutorials and formal training with others. My investment in Jason’s time was extremely cost-efficient and the ROI is beyond question.

It is no exaggeration to say that Jason put me back in business at a time when I was becoming increasingly convinced that my skills were too out of date to remain competitive or to provide what my clients have come to expect from me.

I gave him a long list of specific questions related to specific sites and tasks and he didn’t just “give me the fish,” he taught me how to do what I needed to do and WHY he used the particular methods he used — and he did so with extreme efficiency, tremendous knowledge and the utmost in professionalism and respect.

During my 30 years in business, I have had some relatively awful experiences with technical support and instruction from people who have created tools meant specifically to empower non-programmers (like me) with the ability to add functions to the websites they create, but unfortunately these same savvy people lack the customer service skills to provide accessible explanations and respectful service when we “non-programmer customers” have questions about how to use those tools. Jason is the exception to the rule!

My experience with Jason thus far has been exceptional in every way. I am grateful to him, am very relieved to have availed myself of his services, and recommend him without hesitation.

I can’t say enough good things about Jason and his support to our church!

Jason is always working in the background, researching/creating ways to improve our information flow and interaction with our congregation while providing us a platform to manage our site and see what’s happening on the site.

Not only does Jason help us serve our congregation, but he is always looking for ways to help us reach audiences that may not be familiar with us.

Jason’s customer service to us, as his client, is second to none, making working with him a pleasure. I would happily recommend Jason to anyone who is looking for a web designer.

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