V2.1 for Irwin Animal Clinic in Ocilla, Georgia is example 28 of how I organize a digital marketing strategy

Front door of Irwin Animal Clinic in Ocilla, Georgia. Image by JasonHobbsDigital dot com.

How I organize a digital marketing strategy. This unresearched thought exercise is to share the litany of lessons I’ve learned over my past decade-plus, practicing digital marketing in my digital lab here at 416 W Cypress Street in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

My goal is to help you understand how I organize a digital marketing strategy, using a procedure I’ve honed for 3,173 days and counting. The twenty-eighth example is my V2.1 for Irwin Animal Clinic in Ocilla, Georgia.

Use my procedure to organize your own digital marketing strategy for your local business yourself or you can inquire into hiring me to help. Either way is in line with my mission to democratize online opportunity for people everywhere. If you have questions, ask them in the comments, email them to [email protected], or ask me in the live chat, which is available in the bottom right corner of every page on my site.

Me holding Lizzie on the day I brought her home.
Me holding Lizzie on the day I brought her home.
I’ve lived caddy corner to the high school here in Fitzgerald, Georgia with pets since Christmas Eve 2006. That was the day I brought home Lizzie.

There are two veterinarian offices within my immediate vicinity, Irwin Animal Clinic is the farthest away at six point two miles from my home office. Call it a ten-minute drive.

Dr. Smith’s office is the closest at only a mile and a half from my home office. Call it a three-minute drive.

I’ve used both vets many times over the years.

The only discernible difference between the two veterinary practices?

One veterinary practice is easily found online while the other veterinary practice does not exist online.

Irwin Animal Clinic, the subject of this conversational marketing recipe, still does not have a website. In a similar vein, the Irwin Animal Clinic Yelp profile remains unclaimed and thus is not completed. One possible reason for the lack of online presence is the initial, zero-star review given to create the IAC profile on Yelp, which was by a lady that was obviously despondent at the loss of her doxie.

My buddy, George.
My buddy, George.
I lost my rescue buddy, George, right as we pulled into the Irwin Animal Clinic parking lot.

George drew his last breath on my lap, in my arms. At which point, I was broken.

I was broke financially.

And I was emotionally shattered from losing George just six weeks after losing my baby girl Lizzie.

The team of ladies at IAC took care of George’s cremation for me and added it to my tab for me to pay as soon as I could.

It took me close to six months to catch up my account, but the entire IAC team were always compassionate and professional with me and with my animals.

My point?

The current online reputation of Irwin Animal Clinic doesn’t match their reputation with their customers.

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Ocilla, GA 31774

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