Why we listen to podcasts by Alex Blumberg of Gimlet Media

Alex Blumberg on Hack-The-Entrepreneur

Jonny chose Alex’s admonition that working all the time isn’t efficient as the hack.

I’ll grudgingly admit Jonny’s hack is helpful.  Even go so far as to say it’s smart.

But I was more interested in Alex’s explanation for why people listen to podcasts. He offered three reasons and points out Gimlet  looks to deliver on at least two in every episode.

  1. Companionship
  2. Actionable Information
  3. Narrative, tell a story
  4. Ideally a minimum combination of two or more

The other interesting point is Alex’s decision to be the anti-podcaster. Swim against the stram as it were. Alex’s unfair advantage is his ability to craft audio episodes.

Indeed, in my opinion, Gimlet Media is a team, comprised largely of audible story-telling savants.

Side note, I literally had to pick myself up off the floor when Jonny wasn’t ware of the equity Episode of Traction.

I’ve listened to every episode of Startup at least once.

I’ve heard most of the episodes many more times than that.

Jay Acunzo’s Daily Mention

That strategy is similar to the strategy Tony Haile lays out for Jay Acunzo on the Traction podcast.

Unemployable Episode 32

This is the first episode of Unemployable where Brian is joined by Caroline Early.

The conversation lasts about 15 minutes and is centered on a discussion of the following article.

The argument is that entrepreneurs shouldn’t waste their time with activities like blogging or content marketing at all, as if personal branding were the only goal of those activities.
Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Waste Time On Personal Branding

They also took a listener question. If you’re interested in recording your own question for Brian and Caroline to answer, sign up for the free membership for access.

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