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RM-Podcast-Cover-17-1024x1024I drank the Copyblogger Kool-Aid years ago.

So when the Mainframe gentlemen kicked off their podcast by walking through the strategy behind the uber-successful Copyblogger (Uber-Successful is how I quantify an 8 figure business thats really, just getting started.) business, I took note.

Copious notes from each episode.

Below you’ll find my notes from my most recent lap through the initial Mainframe episodes.

Please understand that my notes will evolve as I gain further insights. (Perhaps from you in the comments?)

This is especially true as I implement these lessons for my little business.

Simple Secret Behind Copyblogger Media

Doing what’s indicated. Which involves figuring out what your customer wants, then delivering what they want.

  1. Build your minimum-viable-audience
  2. MVP – Production level quality product just not without all the features yet
  3. Get feedback, from it adjust your product/offering/info

3 Key Phases of Launch

  1. Pre-Sale – content about whats coming, use feedback to guide what people are expecting and make sure product meets expectations. All Q’s are potential objections
  2. Launch – Speak to benefit/outcome, that solution. Fix problem or achieve goal
  3. Doors Closed – Use the feedback to iterate

3 Stages of Pre-Launch

Proper presell covers the benefit or outcome. Provide information about their problem, how and why its bad and it’s not getting any better by putting it off.

  1. Prepare your audience – Tell them the problem you solve, talk about how prob feels, talk about the solution and warm them up. Key part of launch is getting people excited about the solution that is coming.
  2. Engagement – Answer as many objections as possible before you open your shopping cart
  3. Waiting list of serious buyers so you don’t annoy your entire list


Made up of a technical and a strategic side.

Minimum Technical pieces for launch

  1. Sales/Offer page
  2. Checkout/Order Form with a payment mechanism like PayPal
  3. Thank you page
  4. Download/Info Page

Sales page needs to answer three questions

  1. What we have
  2. What it’ll do for you/How things will be better
  3. What to do next

Good copy is a narrative that walks people thru every step. This includes who you are, your experience, where your customer is now, and where your customers wants to be.

Want your customer to make a decision. Decide yes or no, not bland indifference.

Clear sales message with Quality product and delivered as quality product perpetuates more sales. Clear and transparent sales message.

Educational marketing informs new customers why what you are offering is the best.

Example: StudioPress educational marketing includes answers to:

  1. What parent and child themes for WordPress are
  2. What they do
  3. Why you need child themes

Educational Marketing Informs Your Customer’s Decision

By Jason Hobbs

Since graduating, Cum Laude, with my Marketing Degree on May 8, 2010, I’ve invested my waking hours in my digital marketing lab, here at 416 W. Cypress St, Fitzgerald, GA 31750, personally helping local business owners take their business online with self-confidence.

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