Snapchat, shiny distraction or an integral part of your marketing?

We begin our path with Traction Episode 17

Jay Acunzo talks with Tony Haile of Chartbeat.

They talk attention.

That gets my attention every time.

I’ve been been unraveling that thread for years now.

Start around the 6 minute mark of Traction Episode 17 to get the gist of Tony’s explanation of the attention web as opposed to the “click” web.

Background on Snapchat

  1. Gary V. Wrote: The Snap Generation: A Guide to Snapchat’s History
    Screenshot 2016-01-30 17.04.12
  2. Jay Acunzo wrote: Why a Snapchat Follower Is More Valuable a Follower Anywhere Else

The key point for me was in Jay’s article where he mentions the importance of attention and how Snapchat seems to get that importance. More so than other social media sites.

That understanding makes Snapchat followers more valuable than your typical social media connection or follow.


Because the Snapchatters are paying attention to your snaps/stories.

In Summary

Is Snapchat a shiny distraction or key component of your marketing strategy going forward?

Answer: It depends.

Because it always depends on you, your strategy, your available resources, your current tactics. etc.

By Jason Hobbs

Since graduating, Cum Laude, with my Marketing Degree on May 8, 2010, I’ve invested my waking hours in my digital marketing lab, here at 416 W. Cypress St, Fitzgerald, GA 31750, personally helping local business owners take their business online with self-confidence.

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