The Rescue Ranch in McRae, Georgia is example 10 of how I organize a digital marketing strategy

Darcy Hobbs aka my Cat-Pervisor
Darcy Hobbs aka my Cat-Pervisor

How I organize a digital marketing strategy. This unresearched thought exercise is to share the litany of lessons I’ve learned over my past decade-plus, practicing digital marketing. My goal is to help you understand how I plan a digital marketing strategy, a procedure I’ve been honing in my digital lab for 3,113 days and counting.

The tenth unresearched example is for a local non-profit in McRae, Georgia, aka The Rescue Ranch. Use my procedure to plan your own digital marketing efforts for your small business on your own or you can inquire into hiring me to help.

Either way is in line with my mission to democratize online opportunity for people everywhere. If you have questions, ask them in the comments, email them to [email protected], or ask me in the live chat, which is available in the bottom right corner of every page on my site.

My Cat-Pervisor, Darcy Still Needs Spaying

My mom finally succeeded in persuading me to let her pay for Darcy to get spayed. The place mom repeatedly mentioned as the ideal spot to make this happen is in McRae, a few miles up the road from me.

Darcy Hobbs aka my Cat-Pervisor
Darcy Hobbs aka my Cat-Pervisor
When I went to set up an appointment, I started in Google.

Found the website but at the time it wasn’t rendering any of the images. (I believe it is now)

Which made me decide to do The Rescue Ranch as the 10th example of how I plan a digital marketing strategy.

Want to work with me?

The Rescue Ranch
783 Highway 441
McRae, GA

(229) 868-9820
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The eleventh unresearched example of how I plan a digital marketing strategy will be released Thursday, November 29, 2018.

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Since graduating, Cum Laude, with my Marketing Degree on May 8, 2010, I’ve invested my waking hours in my digital marketing lab, here at 416 W. Cypress St, Fitzgerald, GA 31750, personally helping local business owners take their business online with self-confidence.

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