V2.1 for my flagship products, (1) Get Online, and (2) Get Organized is example 27 of how I organize a digital marketing strategy

Jason with Grandma and Gramps (Ken & Hazel Hobbs)
Jason with Grandma and Gramps (Ken & Hazel Hobbs)

How I organize a digital marketing strategy. This unresearched thought exercise is to share the litany of lessons I’ve learned over my past decade-plus, practicing digital marketing in my digital lab here at 416 W Cypress Street in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

My goal is to help you understand how I organize a digital marketing strategy, using a procedure I’ve honed for 3,173 days and counting. The twenty-seventh example is my V2.1 for my flagship products, (1) Get Online, and (2) Get Organized.

Use my procedure to organize your own digital marketing strategy for your local business yourself or you can inquire into hiring me to help. Either way is in line with my mission to democratize online opportunity for people everywhere. If you have questions, ask them in the comments, email them to [email protected], or ask me in the live chat, which is available in the bottom right corner of every page on my site.

My Flagship Products Arose From My Conversations With My Grandfather, Ken Hobbs

Jason with Grandma and Gramps (Hazel & Ken Hobbs)
Jason with Grandma and Gramps (Hazel & Ken Hobbs)
When Grandma told me that Gramps, at eighty-five years of age, had decided to scrunch his lanky frame into a too small back seat for a multi-hour drive because the pain in his back had grown just that terrible; I instantly knew I wanted to be back at 416 W Cypress for the two of them, ASAP. Unless Grandma blocked it that is.

And Grandma did block my suggestion, so I skedaddled back to Raleigh, North Carolina, and my work at the time.

But by March of 2005, I was visiting Grandma and Gramps for a couple weeks following my move from Raleigh back to my primary childhood home of Jacksonville, Florida on a mission to finally get my marketing degree.

Then Gramps Asked Me To “Be Around” Fitzgerald For The Two Of Them

By the end of 2005, I was the primary 24/7 caregiver for Grandma and Gramps.

I was also back in school, working on my Associates Degree in Business Administration over in Douglas, Georgia (South Georgia College at the time).

During my time as their primary caregiver, Gramps and I spoke often about his and Grandmas life together for some seventy odd years at this corner of West Cypress and Longstreet, here in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

These conversations formed the foundation of my first flagship product, Get Online. Which later spawned my second flagship product, Get Organized. Both of which I’ve iterated three times in the past two months alone. To say this latest iteration is my best ever iteration of these products doesn’t do the drastic and comprehensive improvement anywhere near the justice it deserves. But it is. By far.

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By Jason Hobbs

Since graduating, Cum Laude, with my Marketing Degree on May 8, 2010, I’ve invested my waking hours in my digital marketing lab, here at 416 W. Cypress St, Fitzgerald, GA 31750, personally helping local business owners take their business online with self-confidence.

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